Submit Files

John Allen Sign Company uses FTP to transfer large files that can't be sent by e-mail.

If you have not used FTP before, no worries... it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Really it's just 3 easy steps, but some basic info and software will help.

  1. Get an FTP application for your computer.

    If you on Windows there are a lot of options, or if you use the Firefox browser there is also a plug-in. Here is a list of applications for Windows PC:

    If you on a Mac:

    Install your application.

  2. Access the server with FTP.

    Read the documentation on the application you downloaded to learn how to use it. The basics are "Connect" to the server, this requires some information that we will provide upon request. You will need a user, password, host name. Enter this information into the FTP application and connect to our server.

  3. Send your files.

    When you have successfully connected to the server with FTP you will have access to the FTP folder, this is a location for you to place the file and for us to access at a later time. To learn more about sending files with FTP, please read the documentation from the application. The basics is "upload" file, find the file on your computer that you want to send, then upload. When you send the file successfully you should see it on the "server" side. Other clients files might also be on the server, please respect their privacy and ours by not downloading these files. When you are all done uploading the files please send us an e-mail, or call to let us know they are ready for us to access.

Preferred file types for art submission

EPS, PDF, TIFF, vector or uncompressed raster files.


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Flexisign Pro
  • Tourchmate CAD
  • Bad Wrap (Vehicle Wraps)
  • Bob CAD
  • Rhino CAD